Booth Display


Five Rules for displays

We want your display to be as creative and unique as possible, but please be advised of the basic rules:

Rule 1:  The venue does not allow you to attach anything to the walls or floors. Test your banners to make sure they stand without needing attachments.

Rule 2:  Free standing banners and signs cannot be placed in front or on the sides of your booth, only behind.  Banners behind your booth are great, but make sure the reverse side of your banner is grey or white and completely opaque.  Banners cannot be taller than 9 feet.

Rule 3:  Booth décor cannot block another exhibitor’s booth or be disruptive in nature.

Rule 4:  There can be no volume or flashing lights on any media presentations inside the event room, as it interferes with the conversations on adjacent tables.

Rule 5:  The entirety of your booth display must be completely within the booth boundaries:
Silver: 8 feet wide by 6 feet deep; Gold: 12 feet wide by 6 feet deep; Platinum: 16 feet wide by 6 feet deep

Unsure if your display meets the guidelines?

If you have any questions about your planned display, feel free to email Nicole at with questions, sketches, images, layout drawings, etc.

How to handle display issues during event set up

We will do a walk through before the event starts to determine if any display items are disruptive to other exhibitors.

If you have a concern about an exhibitor’s display affecting your booth, please speak directly to event staff as soon as possible.  Once the event has started, it is too late to have your neighbor dismantle something on their booth.

If something changes during the event, like loud music, that you did not expect prior to the event start time, please let a staff member know ASAP.

Please do not approach the exhibitor demanding alterations to their booth display. If we determine that an exhibitor is in violation of any of these rules, we will ask them to remove/modify the display.

Booth Decor


Create a booth that is welcoming and visually interesting!

There are dozens of images on our website under Gallery.

Take a look for more inspiration!

Five tips for displays

Tip 1:  Utilize vertical space for colorful signage.  

Tip 2:  Have something at your booth the media can interact with in some way, not just view.

Tip 3:  Have every color and size of your product on display.  When you display all the different size and colors of a product it makes for a more interesting display.

If your product is small, consider risers to give your display some height.  You can buy acrylic risers or just wrap boxes in holiday wrapping.  Bring plenty of them to fill the table.  Consider small signage on your table to fill space.

If your product is large, consider removing the banquet table. 

Tip 4:  Consider flooring or custom table skirts to define your booth and stand out.

Tip 5:  Coordinate your booth decor with the event theme.  Consider wearing branded t-shirts or aprons in that theme as well.

Booth Layout


Furniture choices

Download this booth space planner PDF to make sure all your products, furniture and people fit within your booth perimeters.

Bring your own furniture if you feel it will enhance your display, such as a bookshelf or different type of table.

We won’t set the booths with chairs to leave more room for display. If you need a chair they are available in the storage room.

Preparing your

Media Sample

Five tips for samples

Tip 1:  Remember that the media will be carrying these samples home.  So be mindful of how heavy or large your take-home sample is.  If your product is heavy, consider having boxes ready for shipping where they can simply write their address on the box for you to ship later that day.

Tip 2:  So often we see these lovely gift bags with tissue and ornamentation that just get discarded in the hallway as the media try to condense all their samples as much as possible.  Put your money and effort elsewhere and keep your sample as simple and compact as possible.

Tip 3:  If you are handing out sheets of paper, consider putting them in a flat envelope, as paperclips and loose papers tend to get smashed and torn at the bottom of the tote bag. Or, create a QR code they can scan at your booth to download papers and print at home.

Tip 4:  If your product is large or expensive (i.e. TV’s, vacuums, fine jewelry) and you’re not handing out actual product, think creatively about what you’ll give away as a reminder of your product. 

Tip 5:  Make sure your press contact information is attached to every sample.  When the media get home and all they have is a box with a product in it, save them the effort of having to look up your brand on the Exhibitor Contact Sheet.  Even consider attaching a few story angles right there on the sample!