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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Between Thursday, June 22 and Tuesday, June 27 by 12pm

Thursday, June 22 — Upload to the the Shipping & Tracking Form.

Thursday, June 22

Friday, June 9

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this was held on THURSDAY, JUNE 8

Planning your trip to

New York City

Event venue location

New York Sheraton Times Square
811 7th Avenue
at West 53rd Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 581-1000

Day of the Event



New York Ballroom
3rd Floor

Please do not attempt to gain access to the event room the night before the event. 

Hotel staff is setting the room, delivering boxes, running electric, etc., and non-hotel staff members are NOT allowed in the room before 8:30 AM the day of the event.

day of EVENT agenda

Wednesday, June 28, 2022

9:00 AM to 9:30 AMExhibitor Arrival
9:00 AM to 11:00 AMExhibitor Breakfast Buffet
9:00 AM to 11:00 AMExhibitor Load-In and Set-Up
11:30 AM to 2:00 PMDoors Open to the Media
2:00 PM to 4:00 PMExhibitor Lunch Break.
4:00 PM to 6:00 PMDoors Open to the Media
6:00 PM to 7:30 PMExhibitor Breakdown and Load-Out

Exhibitor Arrival

Please arrive between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM.  

Please leave yourself plenty of time to set up your display.

exhibitor load in & SET UP


If you shipped anything to the hotel package room in advance of the event your boxes will be at your booth when you arrive, provided you have submitted the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Shipping Form.

Please, see shipping information section below for complete details.


If you shipped something to your guest room, we do NOT need those tracking numbers on the Shipping Form as they will be held by Service Express behind the front desk area for your to collect upon check-in.

You are responsible for bringing them to the event room. If you need assistance, please request a Bellman.  Fees will be charged to your guest room.

booth set-up

You can bring anything to make your booth enticing, provided it does not interfere with another booth or extend beyond your booth’s dimensions.   

Make sure you bring all the tools you need to assemble your booth display and signage. 

You cannot attach anything to the walls or floor.

pre-event clean up

By 11:15 AM, please have your booth completely set-up, and staff will come through and clear trash away.


Anything that is not part of your display, can be hidden under your table skirt or in the storage room. 

There will be a storage room available for extra supplies, boxes needed after the event, luggage, etc


Doors will open promptly at 11:30 AM and stay open to 2:00 PM. 

Doors will close for lunch from 2:00 PM to 3:45 PM; and reopen at 4:00 PM and stay open until 6:00 PM.

Please do not start breaking down your booth until the last media attendee has exited.


Breakfast and coffee service will be set for your arrival. 

UPDATED: Unfortunately, the hotel cannot accommodate special dietary requests on a buffet.  If you have special needs, please eat before arriving.

You are on your own for lunch.  There are several quick and inexpensive options for lunch near the hotel.

The media are provided a lunch buffet at both the times the doors are open to the event.  In fairness to everyone, please do not mingle with the media outside at the buffet.


After the event, you can repack any boxes that need to be shipped out.  

They must be sealed, labeled, and ready to go.

Have your pre-printed UPS or FedEx shipping labels ready.  Or, you can fill out a blank one at the event, however you will need to put your UPS or FedEX account number or a credit card number on the form.

Once all your boxes are packed up and labeled, a representative from the hotel’s shipping services will come to collect the boxes.

Media Sample, Raffle & contact


Media attendees

The media RSVP list of outlets will be posted here a week before the event. 

samples for the media

We suggest having 75-100 samples and 100-120 press materials available.  

You are not required to hand out samples to the media, however, it is a good idea to send them back with something to remember your company and product.


If you are planning to service food or beverages at your booth, you must complete the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Food & Beverage Sampling Form before Friday, June 9.

Samples should be around 1 ounce per serving.

media raffle

This year we are raffling off a weekend getaway at Ocean Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.  Media attendees who collect 45 stamps on their “bingo” card can enter the drawing.

When the media come to your booth you will stamp their card with a stamper provided to you.  You are not obligated to participate but we have found that this has been an incentive for the media to stop and chat with as many booths as they can.

This is what the card looks like, front and back.

media contact sheet

 We will email you a final media list with full contact information a week after the event.

Booth Design



page for important information on:

Booth Design Rules & Guidelines

Product Display Inspiration

tips for samples

Dimensions & Furniture


booth dimensions

The entire display must be contained within the perimeters of your booth.

There is room under your table for samples and supplies.  

There is also a storage area for items you do not need during the event.


Booth perimeter measures 16-feet wide by 6-feet deep.

One or two 30 × 72 inch banquet tables, skirted with a black tablecloth.

You may use your floor space for larger items, display cases, etc.


Booth perimeter measures 12-feet wide by 6-feet deep.

One 30 × 72 inch banquet table, skirted with a black tablecloth.

You may use your floor space for larger items, display cases, etc.


Booth perimeter measures 8-feet wide by 6-feet deep.

One 30 × 72 inch banquet table, skirted with a black tablecloth.

Special Services

Order Form

electrical runs, audio/visual equipment rental, wifi


All orders are done online via the EventNow Encore Global link, except WiFi.  You will search for New Product Events and follow the prompts to place your order.  For more instructions, open this PDF.  

The cost of the electrical runs with Encore at the Sheraton are relatively expensive.  There is no negotiating on these prices, which can be upwards to $700 per booth. 

Unless you are cooking or operating high amp equipment, we suggest investing in a portable power station, such as these Takki Portable Power Station 300 wattsYoicaly Portable Power Station 300 wattsEnginStar Portable Power Station 150 watts, to charge laptops and phones, and run simple audio visual equipment.

DISCOUNT ON POWER STATIONS: Ethan with Monster is offering a discount on their power station for all exhibitors!  Add the product to your cart here, and then email Ethan at ethan@lightspeedpr.com for the discount! 

The Monster Power Grid is $399 and with the 25% discount it will end up at $299.  This device can power most anything you need but if you have any questions please email Ethan.

*New Product Events is not an affiliate with Amazon or these products. They are simply shown as suggestion and example.

*Rules for hiring outside vendors for rigging and other labor.


For WiFi, please see this pricing sheet, WiFi Pricing Information.  The cost for WiFi will be much more on the Encore link.  Please email John at  john.fahnestock@encoreglobal.com  to request WiFi, and he will send you a payment link for our negotiated rate shown on the WiFi Pricing Information sheet linked above.


Once completed, please upload a PDF or screenshot of the completed form to the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Exhibitor Information Form.  

We need this to make sure that Encore has correctly delivered all of your orders to your booth the night before.  If we do not have a copy of your order we cannot do this for you.

Your product & representative


Products on display

The only products allowed are the products you have registered to bring.  You can create your display with various colors, shapes, patterns, etc. for each of the products.  If any products other than the registered products are on display, you will be asked to remove them.  If you cannot remember which products those were, please contact Nicole at nicole@newproductevents.com.

The following number of products are included in your registration fee:

Platinum:  4 products
Gold:  3 products
Silver:  2 products

If you would like to have additional products at your booth, the cost per product is $600.  Click here for complete pricing information. 

You can make this request and pay the fee directly on the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Exhibitor Information Form, due Friday, July 1.


Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information on product exclusivity.


The following number of company/brand representatives are included in your registration fee:

Platinum:  4 representatives
Gold: 3 representatives
Silver:  2 representative

If you would like to have additional attendees at your booth, the cost per person is $1200. Click here for complete pricing information.

You can make this request and pay the fee directly on the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Exhibitor Information Form, due Friday, July 1.

Please see the Terms & Conditions for more information on product exclusivity.3

Room layout & booth



booth assignMents

 [1]   Revival
 [2]   Mom Bomb
 [3]   RZ Industries
 [4]   Madame Alexander
 [5]   Plum Print
 [6]   Natrol
 [8]   Squaregles
 [9]   Forged & Formed
[10]  MEATER
[11]  Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn
[12]  m cacao
[13]  Warwood Tool
[14]  Mercer Culinary/Barfly Mixology Gear
[15]  SuperMouth
[16]  Hess Toy Truck
[17]  Kodak
[18]  Boarderie
[19]  Riedell Skates
[20]  University Games
[21]  JURA
[22]  CVS Pharmacy
[23]  Playmonster
[24]  Growgreen Limited
[25]  Wonderful Pistachios
[26]  See’s Candies
[27]  Bedsure
[28]  Emmi Roth
[29]  Three Little Pigs
[30]  Aquasana
[31]  Sharp
[32]  Next-door
[33]  WowWee
[34]  O&H Danish Bakery
[35]  Aura Home
[36]  ZVOX Audio
[37]  STIHL
[38]  Carl Zeiss Vision Inc.
[39]  GiftCards.com
[40]  Paintable Pictures
[42]  FinaMill
[43]  Format Games
[44]  Rabbit / Lifetime Brands
[45]  GE Lighting, a Savant Company
[46]  Bowflex
[47]  Levoit/COSORI
[49]  Droyd
[50]  Learning Resources
[51]  Meyer Corporation US
[52]  Clorox/Brita
[53]  Wolf Gourmet
[54]  Hamilton Beach
[55]  Sweetapolita Inc.
[56]  USAopoly/The OP Games
[57]  Joy for All Companion Pets
[58]  Black + Decker
[59]  Pilot Pen
[60]  Georgie & Lou
[61]  Blue Diamond
[63]  CookingPal
[64]  Wilder Toys
[65]  Solo Stove
[66]  TOMY
[67]  Monster Audio
[68]  NOTES® Candle/Bridgewater Candles
[69]  Seraphim Beverages

Booth assignments are subject to change at the discretion of New Product Events, such as electrical access, load in/out issues, etc.  

Requests for booth changes are not accepted.

information for advance



Between Thursday, June 22 and Tuesday, June 27 by 12pm

Boxes arriving before June 22 are at risk of
being returned to sender by the hotel.


boxes arriving after 12pm on Tuesday, June 27 are at risk of
not making it to the event on time.

package handling fees

 UPLOAD your completed Sheraton Shipping & Receiving Cost Form to the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Shipping & Tracking Formdue Thursday, June 22.   

Shipping charges will be calculated by the hotel based on the Sheraton Shipping & Receiving Cost Form.   If you do not have exact quantities and weights, you can estimate and the package room will update as boxes arrive.


  • Installation date and time cannot be guaranteed on all orders placed within 48 hours of installation date

  • Incomplete forms cannot be accepted.

  • Once form is completed and submitted, a credit card link will be sent for completion.

  • Credit card information must be submitted to the hotel 7 days prior to your arrival.

  • Packages will only be delivered to desired location if a valid method of payment is on file.

Please take note of the Sheraton’s package room pricing guidelines:

  • All Service Charges are paid out in its entirety to the staff.

  • Pallets are accepted based on space availability. Please make all delivery arrangements with your Event Manager 10 days prior to your arrival. If space is unavailable, pallets must be unloaded at the loading dock.

  • The price on receiving will be based on pounds and includes storage. If the storage exceeds 3 days, a $25.00 per item/day storage fee will be added.

  • Due to the high volume of packages received we will not be able to hold packages for longer than five business days. At the end of the five business days’ management reserves the right to discard any unclaimed items.

  • Unclaimed items will be returned to the sender providing sender’s return information and account numbers are available.

  • All pricing is subject to change.

For pallets or large/heavy shipments needing a loading dock, please contact nicole@newproductevents.com to coordinate with the hotel.

There is no cold storage or on-site refrigeration available through the hotel. Refrigerated shipping is available from outside vendors, such as LGI and FedEx.

addressing your shipments

Make sure that all of the below information is on your box.  Whatever doesn’t fit on your shipping label, please write directly on the shipment or create labels.  

Each box must be numbered with the total number of boxes (box # of #).

what to include on your carrier shipping label and/or bill of lading

 new york sheraton times square

811 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10019

(212) 581-1000



holiday gift guide media event





BOX [#] OF [#]

required tracking information

For every box you are shipping in advance of the event, you must submit the tracking information on the Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Shipping Form, due Thursday, June 22.  

We will be checking in every box and will contact you with any missing boxes the night before the event. 

Any box that is not listed on the form is not guaranteed to be at your booth the day of the event


If you need access to your packages before the morning of the event, you’ll need to ship them directly to your guest room.  If you are staying at the Sheraton, you will simply need to address them as follows:

 [your name]

c/0 new york sheraton times square

hold for guest arrival [date]

811 Seventh Avenue

New York, NY 10019

(212) 581-1000

cold storage & perishable shipments

The Sheraton does not have any cold storage facilities.

If your product samples need refrigeration, there are a couple options.

  1. Inquire at the hotel where you are staying and ask if you can get minifridges for your room.
  2. Or, you can ship with a cold storage delivery service.  I’ve linked a few below.

          Cube Smart Self Storage
          Larkin Cold Storage
          Karr Cold Storage

We are not affiliated with these companies in any way, and are only providing these links as an example of how to keep your perishables until the event to prevent spoilage.

Things to Remember


  • Order samples for the media.  
  • Do trial run booth set up to make sure everything fits inside the booth dimensions.
  • Bring serving supplies for any food or beverage samples, such as gloves, paper plates, toothpicks, napkins, etc.
  • Bring all the tools needed to set up and break down the booth display.
  • Bring anything needed to repack boxes to ship out after the event, such as packing tape, bubblewrap, etc.
  • Ship boxes with required information on every item confirmed to arrive on indicated dates.
  • Bring hotel reservation information.
  • Bring tracking information with a note as to what is in each box so if one goes missing you know what you need to replace.
  • Bring UPS or FedEx shipping labels with your account information for outbound shipments
  • Keep our cell phone numbers handy just in case, Nicole 704-560-4917 and Amy 818-389-1003

See you there!