Registration Information

How do I register for an event?
How do I get on the Waiting List for an event?
How do I get on your mailing list to receive advance notice of event registration?

Event Information

When is my event?
Where is my event?

Media Attendees

What types of media attend?
Will there be advertising sales attendees?
How many media attendees can I expect to meet?
What are some of the media outlets that have attended in the past?
What kind of screening do you do for your media attendees?
Can I invite a member of the media to attend?

Speed Pitching Information

What is the cost to attend a Speed Pitching event?
If I attend several of your Speed Pitching events will I meet different media at each event?
How quickly do the Speed Pitching events sell out?
How many Speed Pitching session are there at my event?
How long are the Speed Pitching sessions?
How is Speed Pitching set up?
How many products can I pitch per event?
How many samples should I bring to the event?
What if my demonstration sample is large or difficult to move?
How will the media receive a sample if I’m only bringing one?
When should I arrive at the hotel?
When should I check in at the event?
Where can I leave my things during the event?
Will there be food at the event?
How many company representatives can attend?
Will I know which media outlets are attending prior to the event?
Will I receive a contact sheet of the media attendees?

Holiday Gift Guide Media Event Information

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