Registration Fees & Payments

Registration fees must be paid in full upon selection. The exhibitor fee includes participating in the event. 


The exhibitor fee does not cover other expenses, including, but not limited, to shipping, WiFI, electrical orders, bell-cart services, equipment rentals travel, or sleeping rooms.

Product Registration & Exclusivity

Exhibitor product information must be submitted to New Product Events for approval. New Product Events needs specific descriptions, not broad product categories, of the products to be showcased. New Product Events cannot guarantee product exclusivity until the exhibitor provides the exact product name and description, any other exhibitor can register for that product.

It is at the discretion of New Product Events as to what constitutes the limitations of exclusivity. New Product Events reserves the right to make the final determination with regard to any competitive product and product exclusivity issues. Exhibitors will not be contacted unless New Product Events needs clarification as to the specifics of the product, or if a conflict comes to our attention.

On the day of the event, New Product Events reserves the right to ask the exhibitor to remove any items from the booth that the exhibitor did not register to bring.

Definition of a “Product”

Each item counts as one product.  Each item must be indicated and described on the registration form.  

VERSIONS OF THE SAME PRODUCT:  If the exhibitor is bringing a coffee maker and it comes in several finishes the exhibitor can bring a sample of each one, such as red, chrome, black, etc.  If the same handbag comes in several different materials, patterns, the exhibitor can showcase the different options.

PRODUCT CATEGORIES: If the exhibitor is showing a new lipstick, New Product Events will sure no other exhibitors are showing lipsticks.  This does not, however, mean than no other beauty products or make-up will be present.

Booth Assignments

Exhibitors will receive the room layout with their booth assignment approximately 4 weeks prior to the event. 

Exhibitors are placed in the room to create the best flow and balance. Once booths are assigned, they are permanent and requests for changes cannot be taken. New Product Events reserves the right to change booth locations when deemed necessary.

Late Arrival/No Show Exhibitors

New Product Events is not responsible for flight delays and cancelations, package delivery delays, hotel reservations, etc.

Each exhibitor is responsible for being at the event with their materials.

The event session will start on time, and any late-arriving exhibitors will risk not being seating at the current session. There are no refunds for late arrivals or missed sessions.

Withdraws & Refunds

Due to the need for brand and product diversity, once an exhibitor registers other brands are turned away, therefore refunds are NOT given for withdrawals from the event.  

At any time prior to or during the event, if an exhibitor is deemed to be disruptive, New Product Events reserves the right to expel the exhibitor from the event without a refund.  

If an exhibitor disputes a valid charge with their credit card holder, and it is reversed, New Product Events will file in Small Claims Court to recoup the charge.

Covid and Public health Precautions

Media and exhibitors are responsible for adhering to any and all New York State laws and requirements regarding quarantine and travel guidelines

The cost of any required Covid testing is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or media attendee.  The cost and arrangement of any quarantine lodging is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or media attendee. Failure to adhere to any New York State rules and regulations is the responsibility of the exhibitor and/or media attendee.  There are no refunds due to the inability to follow Covid protocol and quarantine rules.

If our event falls under the New York State mandate for wearing a mask all exhibitors and media will be asked to wear masks during the event.  Media who refuse to wear a mask will be asked to leave and not receive the balance due on their attendee agreement.  Exhibitors who refuse will result with their booth being removed and no refunds will be issued.

This section will be updated as New York State updates their regulations.

Event Rescheduling

New Product Events is not responsible for cancellations due to circumstances beyond the control of New Product Events, including, but not limited to, labor strikes, terrorism, earthquakes, fire, travel bans, health warnings, and weather conditions. The safety of our exhibitors and media attendees are of utmost importance.

Should any of these circumstances cause New Product Events to reschedule or alter an event, a new date, location, or other changes will be announced for the event, and no refunds will be given.  Event alternations can include, but not limited to, change of venue, new date, or conversion to virtual platform.

New Product Events is not responsible for non-refundable flights, hotel reservations, or any other expenses related to the event.

Event Cancellation

New Product Events reserves the right to cancel any event at any time prior to the event. Should New Product Events cancel an event without rescheduling or reformatting as outlined above, a full refund will be made to the exhibitors for the amount paid to New Product Events at the time of the cancellation.  

New Product Events is not responsible for non-refundable flights, hotel reservations, or any ot her expenses related to the event.

Special Guest Cancellation

Should a promoted special guest(s) be unable to attend the exhibitor will be provided with their contact information in order to send a sample and materials directly to them.

Media Attendees

Media outlets mentioned as part of the media panel are based on firm commitments on behalf of the media attendees.

New Product Events reserves the right to replace media attendees as necessary and is not responsible for no-shows on the part of any particular media attendee.

Loss, Theft, or Damage

New Product Events is not liable or responsible for loss, damage, or theft of the exhibitor’s products or equipment at the event or in transit.

Photo Release

Any exhibitor representative and/or media attendee to any New Product Events grants authorization for their likeness to be photographed/videotaped, including set-up and breakdown.

All exhibitors and/or media attendees agree that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed and online materials used to promote New Product Events, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.

Event Sponsorships

Event management has the final say on:

  • Frequency, design, and distribution of media invites
  • Quantity, design, and placement of signage
  • Wi-Fi username and password
  • 50 top media who receive the transportation code
  • Placement and size of displays
  • Placement of carpet clings
  • Water bottle size and printing company
  • Table décor ideas must be submitted in advance for approval. Table décor must arrive at the hotel by 6 AM on the morning of the event. A company representative can have access to the event room from 7 AM to 8 AM to set up the décor